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Webinar Resources and Webinar Success, evaluated entries on their clarity, conciseness and compelling nature, and on how well they leveraged Brainshark's capabilities, such as surveys and polls, video, guest authoring and more.
For those readers who have the basics down, this provides tips on style and conciseness, and for those still struggling, this also provides an hilarious collection of samples of bad scholarship and recommendations for remedy.
This collection features 60 readings that give examples of clarity and conciseness in writing from a variety of disciplines, modes, and cultural perspectives, for undergraduate students in all types of writing courses as well as general readers.
Employing a "prismatic approach" that "strives for conciseness, simplicity and clarity" by focusing on one protagonist at a time, this book recounts the international rivalries involved in the exploration of the Trans-Mississippi West from 1528 to 1803.
Pagel also gives tips on editing for content, clarity and conciseness.
The FDA new claim model, designed to be more "shopper friendly" because of its conciseness and use of everyday terms, was published in the Jan.
But frontman Shaun Ryder is still here, mumbling and grumbling his way through some of the finest steam on conciseness lyrics ever created.
Fler monograph deserves praise for its conciseness and clarity as well as for its ecumenical sensitivity and openness, but specialists in liturgical and sacramental theology will miss a perspective that points beyond the evident.
Currently, the prime focus among UI innovators is to overcome challenges pertaining to efficiency, conciseness, intelligence, responsiveness and attractiveness.
The next part of the webinar provides memorable tips for writing with clarity, conciseness, and power.
However, given its relative conciseness, Black's textbook is unlikely to meet the expectations of basic researchers working on the evolution, cell biology, and/or molecular microbiology of Chlamydia.
Social media encourages writers toward conciseness and cleverness, the better to attract a larger audience.