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Besides constructing units to promote fluency, we included two introductory units that introduced participants to the software and described how to score responses for concision.
The judges admire the lyrical concision of her work.
In many respects, concision is a strength of the work, allowing Maravelas to broach many topics in a relatively short book.
These are seen as representing what Kirsten Blythe Painter calls 'tempered modernism', an international poetic tendency which emphasized 'restraint, concision and "hardness"' (p.
Though critics point out that the price of such concision is a lack of context, they agree that Quammen does an admirable job of giving information where it is needed and galloping over gaps for the story's sake.
These are quibbles and would probably prompt a spirited dinner discussion with an author who has obviously thought carefully about the taxonomy of architectural history before producing a guide of extraordinary concision.
As scholars engaged in teaching others, Helen Vendler suggests in her article What We Have Loved, Others Will Love, that we should urge our students to prefer the dispassionate presentation of fact, to value concision and clarity, and to appreciate the new critical vocabulary when it brings new dynamism to our world (2000, p.
Carter recounts highlights of his life with clarity, candor and concision.
They can certainly do better than the drab "New Partnership for America's Future," riddled as it was with such banalities as "stronger rural communities"; "support fair wages with good benefits" "protect our borders"; "honor veterans and their families" A little more of the Contract's concision and specificity certainly would have helped.
Tacitus, lauded by many as the best Roman historian for his concision, attention to detail, and reliability, is a must-read for anyone wanting a dispassionate account of Roman culture and politics at the beginning of the Christian era.
Its clarity, sophistication, breadth, depth, and concision will serve the needs of scholars and students alike.
51 stresses the virtues of epistolographic concision and clarity.