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The case has been sent to an anti-terrorist court, which has been ordered to conclude proceedings within a month.
There is still some work to be done to conclude proceedings but we are now very close to a successful conclusion of the CVA.
For practitioners frustrated by the time it takes to conclude proceedings, the planned aim to resolve complaints with more efficiency is to be welcomed.
The presentations delivered outlined ICT business solutions to the audience gathered with an informal networking session taking place to conclude proceedings.
The thoroughbreds conclude proceedings with an 11-furlong handicap.
His fifth rostrum finish of the campaign would, however, transpire to be his last, as Farndon elected to play it safe during a chaotic finale at Brands Hatch to ultimately conclude proceedings seventh in the standings out of some 25 competitors - even if, but for gearbox issues at Snetterton, a piston disintegrating at Oulton and suspension woes at Knockhill, it could have been rather better still.
Just before the close of the session, a time allocation motion adopted earlier that month, was used to conclude proceedings on 7 remaining bills--three with government amendments on the order paper.
DUBAI and LONDON, January 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Organisers of the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development (DIHAD) Conference & Exhibition, Index, today announced that Jan Egeland, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs & Emergency Relief Coordinator, Head of the UN Office for the Coordination of Affairs (OCHA), will make an opening address to delegates attending DIHAD 2006 (Dubai International Exhibition Centre, 10th April 2006) and Sir Bob Geldof, rock star and poverty campaigner, will conclude proceedings with an address on the final day (12th April 2006).
It was left to me to conclude proceedings by singing a verse of Dafydd Iwan's evocative song Yma o Hyd - Here To Stay.
However, Jockey Club public relations director John Maxse revealed last night that the committee would not be able to conclude proceedings within the allotted time.
The council was able to count all of the votes cast and conclude proceedings within two and a half hours, compared to a minimum of 12 hours when traditional voting methods are used.
A Cambodian court Friday extended the trial of two human rights activists charged with inciting violence late last year during demonstrations against the dumping of imported toxic waste, as it was not able to conclude proceedings within the scheduled two days.