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However, the City Traffic Police (CTP) also made effective traffic arrangements to ensure a smooth traffic flow for the concluding session.
The Court disagreed, concluding that the houseboat fit within the motor vehicle exception and that the later viewing of the film and videotapes (i.
There can be no assurance (i) regarding the timing of concluding the discussions, the final nature of the agreements or that the discussions will be concluded in a form that is satisfactory to the parties involved; and (ii) that any mineralisation will be proven to be economic, that anticipated metallurgical recoveries will be achieved, that future evaluation work will confirm the viability of deposits identified with the project or that future required regulatory approvals will be obtained.
Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit upheld the constitutionality of preemployment polygraph testing by concluding that it is not ".
Concluding that the note constituted marketable securities for Sec.
I am very excited about the potential of this Block and anticipate concluding a Production Sharing Contract before the end of this year.
The paper continued, "the possibility has also been raised that a web site could be deemed a PE on the grounds that it acts as an agent concluding contracts.
On October 29, 1999, DNet received an Advisory Opinion from the FEC (AO 1999-25), concluding that DNet was in compliance with federal election law, since it operated in a non-partisan manner and allowed all legitimate federal candidates to post their communications on the DNet site.
80-76 did not provide a rationale for concluding that S did not recognize gain or loss on the transfer of the P stock to S's employee, the preamble to the Sec.
The Company is presently in the midst of concluding several acquisitions for which the financing by Merchants will be utilized.
The Tax Court sustained the penalties after concluding that Henry's reliance on his accountant was unreasonable because he failed to provide him with copies of the 1979 or 1981 IMED options when his return was prepared, and that his claim of ignorance of the regulations was undermined by his involvement at the top level of management within IMED and in the sale negotiations with Warner-Lambert.
We are in the final stages of concluding strategic relationships which will allow us to be a major national developer of assisted care living facilities, residential apartments, adult resort lifestyle communities, and additional construction projects under Tomahawk Construction Company.