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where the client has requested conclusionary opinions only) this disclosure is usually helpful to the trier of fact during expert testimony.
T]he proponent can no longer simply elicit the expert's conclusionary testimony, but must elaborate to some extent about the scientific methodology employed to verify the hypothesis - i.
The study was to be empirical and conclusionary, and, if problems were uncovered, Cohen's team was to recommend solutions.
there exists a monumental morass of conflicting conclusionary claims and allegations concerning the parties' actions.
128) The Seventh Circuit recognized: "The history of the Erie doctrine has been a continual retreat from conclusionary labels or mechanical solutions and an increasing emphasis has been placed on the consideration and accommodation of the basic state and federal policy goals involved.
This view, if correct, has two important implications: First, contrary to what many have believed, causality is an operative concept, assisting the process of making decisions, and not a conclusionary concept, one used in stating conclusions made upon other grounds.
My message is to guard against accepting, without analysis, the kind of conclusionary statements about satellites that we saw in the BusinessWeek article.
The test should evaluate critical thinking skills for decision making and conclusionary statements.
Eventually the play turns to an intrusive vice cop to provide the conclusionary dramatic tension.
The Court of Appeals affirmed, agreeing with those reasons and pointing out that the pediatrician's affidavit contained only a conclusionary statement based on studies he didn't identify.
Surety's conclusionary allegations are insufficient to oppose claimant's motion for summary judgment.