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Determinative; beyond dispute or question. That which is conclusive is manifest, clear, or obvious. It is a legal inference made so peremptorily that it cannot be overthrown or contradicted.

A conclusive presumption cannot be refuted; no evidence can rebut it, as in the presumption that a child who is below a certain age has a fundamental inability to consent to sexual relations.

Conclusive evidence is evidence that is either unquestionable because it is so clear and convincing or because the law precludes its contradiction. A death certificate is considered conclusive evidence that a person has died.


(Determinative), adjective absolute, apparent, ascertained, assured, categorical, certain, definite, demonstrated, evident, final, guaranteed, immutable, incommutable, incontestable, incontrovertible, indefeasible, indisputable, indubitable, infallible, irrefragable, irrefutable, irrepealable, irrevocable, mandatory, obligatory, positive, tested, tried, ultimate, unambiguous, unchangeable, uncontested, undeniable, undoubted, unequivocal, unimpeachable, unmistakable, unquestionable
Associated concepts: conclusive admission, conclusive beeond a reasonable doubt, conclusive evidence, conclusive judgment, conclusive presumption, conclusive presumppion of validity, conclusive proof


(Settled), adjective ascertained, beyond dispute, certus, clear, closing, complete, completed, completive, conclusory, confirming, culminating, decisive, definitive, determining, evidential, extreme, final, finished, finishing, terminal, terminative, ultimate
Associated concepts: conclusive adjudification, conclusive as to the facts
See also: categorical, certain, clear, cogent, complete, convincing, crucial, decisive, definite, definitive, demonstrable, determinative, extreme, final, fixed, incontestable, incontrovertible, last, official, positive, reliable, ultimate, unalienable, undeniable, undisputed, unmistakable, valid

CONCLUSIVE. What puts an end to a thing. A conclusive presumption of law, is one which cannot be contradicted even by direct and positive proof. Take, for example, the presumption that an infant is incapable of judging whether it is or is not against his interest; When infancy is pleaded and proved, the plaintiff cannot show that the defendant was within one day of being of age when the contract was made, and perfectly competent to make a contract. 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 3061.

EVIDENCE, CONCLUSIVE. That which, while uncontradicted, satisfies the judge and jury it is also that which cannot be contradicted.
     2. The record of a court of common law jurisdiction is conclusive as to the facts therein stated. 2 Wash. 64; 2 H. 55; 6 Conn. 508, But the judgment and record of a prize court is not conclusive evidence in the state courts, unless it had jurisdiction of the subject-matter; and whether it had or not, the state courts may decide. 1 Conn. 429. See as to the conclusiveness of the judgments of foreign courts of admiralty, 4 Cranch, 421, 434; 3 Cranch, 458; Gilmer, 16 Const. R. 381 1 N. & M. 5 3 7.

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Both the Minister and Deputy Minister further instructed the CEF Board to meet urgently and submit a conclusive report with identified proposals and clear recommendations on how best to protect the interest of the state.
Positive lang siya sa powder burn pero hindi conclusive na 100 percent nagpaputok siya ng baril,' he said.
Not only this but Demir himself noted that he was not even sent the entire text of the TE[pounds sterling]ByTAK report but instead just sections of it, the intent being to extract from him a "manipulated" conclusive report.
In December, advocacy groups, including the Workplace Project and the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund (PRLDEF), submitted conclusive proof that the evictions were discriminatory--every single person evicted was Latino, while they are only 8 percent of the town's population.
With a conclusive analysis and detailing of each story in the form of an author note, The Empire Of Ice Cream is confidently recommended to fantasy enthusiasts, as well as (and most particularly) to those who have not yet discovered the literary talent and storytelling style of Jeffrey Ford.
Engaging readers with a highly informed and extensively studied documentation of his conclusive vision and understanding, Tomback offers Spiriting Around as an interpretive compendium of societal misleads and individual acceptance.
It may be unrealistic," he advised, "to limit ourselves as we have been doing to legalistic proofs or definitely conclusive evidence that would stand up in testimony in court or before congressional committees that the Communist Party, USA, does wield substantial influence over Negroes which one day could become decisive.
Scientists have found no conclusive evidence linking CWD in deer and elk to illness in human beings, but they cannot yet rule it out, especially since three relatively young people who regularly ate venison have died from the similar Creutzfeld-Jakob diesase.
As with many of Wood's postulations, although not conclusive, the evidence is persuasively presented.
It's the most conclusive evidence yet that honest visual signalers are accepted and cheaters are punished," says Elizabeth Tibbetts of the University of Arizona in Tucson.
According to the agency, there is limited but not conclusive evidence that suggests consumers may reduce their risk of CHD if they consume monounsaturated fat from olive oil and olive oil-containing foods in place of foods high in saturated fat, while at the same time not increasing the total number of calories daily.
Although the findings have caught the attention of fertility experts and other scientists, they are hardly conclusive.