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He asks Lydia to concoct a recipe for a remedy that would cure hypochondria and quits medical school to sell it.
Burnett is funny enough - her scenes with O'Hare are downright creepy - and her famous costume designer, Bob Mackey, still manages to concoct amusingly garish outfits for her after all these years.
This manipulative technique tempts us to concoct our own innuendo--and never more so than in his sex pictures.
Thus it is that the minimum-wage hikers must concoct a variety of talcs to justify the increase.
To justify Kenneth's murder, the police investigating his death decided to concoct an elaborate lie.
interfaith religious leaders meeting here that they must wrest the language of belief away from those "who concoct weapons out of religions.
These groups then proceed to concoct incredible collections of possible negative information and scenarios.
If you think Russell was up here trying to concoct a story, don't you think he would have concocted a story that would have made him much less culpable?
The truth is that an ABC producer broke the law in order to concoct a story and we just think they should live by the same rules the rest of us do.
According to the study, people who concoct are more likely to binge eat than those who overeat without bingeing.
Already known as local playwrights, the partners of 10 years felt inspired to concoct a comedy of manners.
Students raid the fridge of the week's leftovers and concoct an elaborate meal, inviting over friends and family.