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He said the world can no more be misguided by the litany of falsehoods to divert global attention from atrocities in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir or attempts at seeking refuge through concocted stories.
Such falsified, concocted and irresponsible statements can only escalate the already fragile security situation in the region, especially in the wake of the Indian brutalities and war crimes in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir," the Foreign Office said.
Simply Concocted Salad Dressings and Marinades: Ruby Vinaigrette, Island Vinaigrette, and Traditional Vinaigrette, $11.
The Information Affairs Authority (IAA) News Centre concocted a special programme which was broadcast tonight at 9 PM live.
Sydney, Dec 1 ( ANI ): Computer experts have reportedly concocted a formula- 'duck, weave, leave'- for English cricket side to combat their nemesis Mitchell Johnson in the second Ashes Test in Adelaide.
My granny, a widow in her 40s with more weans than the fabled woman who lived in the shoe, concocted family recipes that not only fed her own tribe but have been gratefully passed through the generations since.
Summary: The personal technology industry has concocted many devices to measure a user's daily .
NNA - 29/5/2011 Marking May 25th anniversary, Liberation and Development Bloc Deputy Hani Qobeissi said that great conspiracies are concocted against Lebanon in the aim of undermining its achieved victory rendering it weak and fable.
Writers Linda Brogan and Polly Teale have concocted a completely believable world - with voiceovers written by the twins themselves -- which hints at the complex reasons that led them to Broadmoor.
Tini Bigs Big Martinis is a compilation of martini recipes as concocted within the Tini Bigs Lounge of Seattle, open since 1996.
The latter is concocted of Finlandia Mango Fusion Vodka, cranberry apple cocktail and club soda.
The California School of Culinary Arts (CSCA) has concocted a successful recipe for easing its burden on the environment.