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40) breast cancer were less likely to be concordant for radiation therapy.
In regard to implementing the concordant points on the ground, al-Jaafari underlined that the Russians have issued these points as an official document of the Foreign Ministry and to become public and available for everybody.
To further investigate the additional controls in predicting a householder's view of the income distribution, we drop each of the controls separately to determine the marginal contribution to the percentage of concordant.
Using a sample of 2,148 individuals nested within 1,074 friendship dyads, the current study first attempts to determine if friends concordant in their drug use perceive their relationship to be of higher quality than those in relationships characterized by discordant substance use.
Concordant cases (Bact+/ICD10+) and discordant cases (Bact+/ICD10-) did not differ significantly by mean age, sex, or proportion of patients [greater than or equal to] 65 years of age.
This Issue brings guidance on Isoniazid prevention therapy In children and safer conception counselling and strategies for concordant and discordant couples.
024), results were not highly concordant and cervical cytology's sensitivity (52.
Thrombin and Cellient block results were concordant in all cases.
Since Fernando Torres declared that romance was dead in football, everyone seems to have been concordant, as if Torres was Cupid himself.
Meanwhile, Prince Salman stressed the harmony between the government and the EDB, describing their objective and work as concordant.