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Scottish Conservative leader David McLetchie was angry that journalists knew of the concordats before the Parliament.
The ruling coalition split over the proposed concordat with the Vatican which would have allowed employees to refuse to carry out certain duties if they claimed that to do so would violate their religious beliefs.
Cardinal Pacelli may have been naive, especially in regard to Germany, but he thought that if the Vatican signed a concordat with the Reich, this would give the church legal grounds on which to combat totalitarianism.
In Germany, there has recently been a rush by both Catholic and Lutheran churches to push through concordats with all of the country's sixteen states.
The concordats cover working arrangements between the Scottish Parliament, Westminster and the Cardiff Assembly - and eventually the Northern Ireland assembly - on key areas such as EU policy, international relations, statistics and financial assistance to industry.
Your government is currently making 'detailed arrangements' for the design and construction of the Parliament, for the temporary site, for the concordats to define the relationship between Holyrood and Westminster and even for the salary of members.
Despite concordats with Westminster departments and promises that the Labour-led government would work closely with the UK Labour Government, it is clear that at several key moments there have been severe communication diffi-culties.
First Minister Donald Dewar and Scots Secretary John Reid called a Press conference to announce the concordats - the working arrangements - between Westminster and Holyrood.
Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Founda tion Trust and Northum bria Police are among the organisations that have agreed these plans, known as Crisis Care Concordats (CCC).
The Vatican managed to negotiate concordats with many states over the centuries that had been renewed or dissolved and then renewed as situations would arise.
Regulating relations between the Vatican and various nations, concordats in no way amount to official endorsement of a regime.
With the Vatican's temporal presence only recently restored in 1929 with the Lateran treaty, the pope had to be concerned with shoring up the Holy See's power and prestige with assurances like concordats, which may well have distracted him from addressing a human rights crisis of epic proportions as the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic church.