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Epperson (2004: 165-166) points out that the spatiotemporally extensive morphological structure of entities (conceived through coordinate division) is as crucial to concrescence as the intensive features (conceived through logical, historical, or genetic division).
2) Concrescence is a process through which prehensions are integrated into a fully determined feeling or satisfaction.
4) This affinity of Whitehead's conception of eternal objects, concrescence, and actual occasions with Spinoza is rendered more clearly in Whitehead's 1925 Lowell Lectures, published under the title Science and the Modern World rather than in Process and Reality, where Whitehead, for strategic reasons places more emphasis on John Locke's approach to human reason (compare Whitehead, 1985: 38, 50, 87, 102-3, 156, 177, 220).
The immediate past is prehended by a newly emerging concrescence as a concrete determinate datum or a multiplicity of data.
Its concrescence involves not only "conformation to pattern" but also "subjective valuation," which is "the work of novel conceptual feeling.
The categoreal condition identified by Conceptual Valuation is the requirement that although the concrescence of an actual occasion begins with the massive influence of its immediate past, the idea derived from this inherence, although also inherited, is evaluated by the inheritor in terms not only of its prior relevance but also of its relevance to the inheritor's new situation.
Autonomous valuation is out of time because it is a concrescence function, an aspect of the process that fashions what is temporal.
50) Or as Whitehead puts it later, the aim is at "maximum depth of intensity of feeling, subject to the conditions of its concrescence.
discrimination among eternal objects introduced into the universe by the real internal constitutions of the actual occasions forming the datum of the concrescence under review.
Events, relations, self-causation, even concrescence and panpsychism (once each) are mentioned but are not developed in any detail.
Yet it is enough that God be an actual entity; this need not mean that God is an exception because the consequent concrescence cannot reach final unity.