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Asked if there were any concrete results with regard to the creation of opportunities in the economic sector, the spokesman said it was clear that there was a willingness on the part of Beijing, in investing in Cyprus.
The watchdog said in a statement, 'In the past half year Huarong, Great Wall, Dongfang, Xinda, four other asset management companies, and China Merchants Bank have all been investigated, and concrete results achieved.
The long-term, serious attempt of the company s export development is yielding concrete results, enhancing our international prestige and helping to improve the recognition of the national economy in general.
It's a new take on the traditional meeting model, and provides a design format that is geared to unlocking communications within and between large groups, making for a top pick for business managers who want to get more concrete results out of large group interactions.
Hollande said he and Merkel had spoken on the phone with Putin early on Friday afternoon and told him they want to see concrete results from four working groups that were set up on May 6 to deal with political, security, economic and humanitarian issues.
During the month of May, we have not had any concrete results, according to preliminary data, we expect a small shortfall in Bishkek," Chairman of the State Tax Service of Kyrgyzstan Zamirbek Osmonov said.
The case was assigned to the investigating judge at the Tunis Court of First Instance and the investigation is conducted in strict confidentiality so as to reach concrete results, he indicated.
This is as it should be because the benefits of any such economic activity in the market, especially when in favour of consumers, must deliver concrete results for the latter and not just remain advantageous to retailers and wholesalers.
The use of nano-silica and nano-alumina in concrete results in the creation of a denser structure.
I heard from Salam a decisive stance from the Lebanese state which is going on with serious negotiations until reaching concrete results of releasing the hostages," said Abu Faour.
Among concrete results to be achieved are: (1) Nearly 190,000 producers and 30% of women will benefit from all-weather roads and improved connectivity and logistics for investment, production and trade; (2) 180km of rural and non-rural roads will be rehabilitated; (3) 300 local officials will be trained in market management, climate resilience measures in the transport sector and urban planning tools; (4) 10 rural and urban markets will be rehabilitated
ISLAMABAD -- The government has imposed a ban on manufacturing on import, sale and use of non-degradable plastic bags and other products in federal capital but lack of legislation at provincial level creating hindrances to get concrete results.

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