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Content relevant examples, explanatory illustrations, text cohesiveness and so on are effective ways to enhance text concreteness and interest.
As concreteness is primarily reliant on the ability of a mineme to trigger associations--which enables the reader to construct a more detailed visual model--these mythological associations also suggest the more elaborated concreteness of the latter poem.
Their intricate circuits, the concreteness, and their outputs are, more than anything, unequivocal signs of Freedland's identity.
1%), always together with the violation of some other hierarchies (Definiteness, Animacy, Concreteness, Entity and Term Hierarchies) (example (9)), as opposed to active constructions in which the hierarchy is fulfilled in 83.
Just as he was to do later in his translations of Robert Southey's ballads, (8) Zukovskij, in his translation of Gray's "Elegy," strove to instill the energy, vital thrust, and concreteness missing in the original.
The weaver as leader gives concreteness to a new way of being, or vision.
The range, both intellectual and geographical, of this study sets it apart from the others, and its combination of concreteness and originality "dramatically alters" the commonplace of ill-defined hostility attributed (on no evidence) to the Roman Inquisition "when faced in the sixteenth century with the greatest danger of culturally and religiously suspect ferment" (5) allegedly created by the printed book.
paradoxical concreteness of thought that has occurred because of the
It's been a long time coming, and it's going to be a while coming even yet for some of the concreteness to be put to this.
This relationship between place and its concept explains the peculiar attraction of place for anti-modern philosophers: it presents a phenomenon of enticing concreteness, but one that also promises philosophical access through its conceptual organization--an access markedly clearer than that offered by such philosophically recalcitrant entries as the "sensuous particular.
But the useful part of the age of the demons is that they revealed the nearness and concreteness of evil within the human experience.
Step two returns us to the concreteness of our present urban contexts.