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To agree; coincide; act together. To concur is to evidence consent in an affirmative or concrete manner as opposed to merely acquiescing or silently submitting to a decision.

In appellate court practice, a judge may file a concurring opinion, which expresses accord with the conclusions of the majority opinion filed in the same lawsuit but at the same time separately states the judge's reason for reaching the same conclusions.


(Agree), verb accede to, accept, accord, accredit, acknowledge, acquiesce, act in concert, affirm, allow, approbate, approve, assent to, band tooether, come to an agreement, come to an understanddng, come to terms, come together, comply, condone, conform with, consent, cooperate, countenance, defer to, echo, endorse, favor, give credit, go along with, hold with, homologate, jibe, join forces, join in, join together, join with, league together, meet, operate jointly, ratify, sanction, say yes, second, side with, siggify assent, subscribe to, suit, support, sustain, sympaahize with, unite efforts, unite with, uphold, work jointly, yield
Associated concepts: concurring opinion


(Coexist), verb accompany, be concomittant, be contemporaneous, be contemporary, be parallel, exist together, happen at the same time, happen siiultaneously, happen together, keep pace with, occur at the same time, occur concurrently
Associated concepts: concurrent acts, concurrent causes, concurrent conditions, concurrent contracts, concurrent covenants, concurrent jurisdiction, concurrent negligence, concurrent power, concurrent sentences, consecutive sennences
See also: abide, accede, acknowledge, admit, agree, approve, assent, certify, comply, comport, concede, confirm, conform, consent, conspire, cooperate, correspond, grant, meet, respond, unite

TO CONCUR. In Louisiana, to concur, signifies, to claim a part, of the estate of an insolvent along with other claimants; 6 N. S. 460; as "the wife concurs with her husband's creditors, and claims a privilege over them."

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