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Simultaneous; converging; of equal or joint authority.

Concurrent estates is a term used in Property Law to describe ownership of, or possessory interest in, a piece of property by two or more people jointly, such as a Joint Tenancy or Tenancy in Common.

Concurrent power is the authority of Congress and the state legislatures to make laws on the same subject matter while working independently of one another.

Concurrent negligence involves the negligent acts of at least two people that, although they might not have occurred at exactly the same moment, produce a single, indivisible injury.

Concurrent sentences are two or more prison terms to be served simultaneously, one of which might be longer than the others. The prisoner is entitled to be discharged after the longest of the terms is served.


(At the same time), adjective associated, at the same instant, attendant, attending, coacting, coactive, coetaneous, coeval, coexistent, coincident, coinstantaneous, collateral, concerted, conjunctive, contemporaneous, contemporary, convergent, converging, coupled, occurring at the same time, parallel, synchronal, synchronistic, synchronistical, synchronous
Associated concepts: concurrent actions, concurrent finddngs, concurrent legislation, concurrent remedies, concurrent sentences, concurrent stipulations


(United), adjective abetting, acquiescent, acting in conjunction, agreeing, allied, amalgamated, assenting, associating, banded together, binding, blended, bonded, cemented, centralized, coacting, coactive, coalitional, collaborative, combinative, combined, common, communal, commutual, compatible, complementary, concerted, concordant, concurring, confederated, conjoined, connected, consentaneous, consonant, contributing, cooperative, coupled, coworking, en rapport, fused, harmonizing, in accord, in agreement, in unison, interallied, joined, joint, leagued, linked, meeting, merged, of one accord, paired, shared, synergic, undivided, unified, united, wedded, well-matched
See also: accompanying, coextensive, cognate, coincidental, collateral, collective, commensurable, concerted, concomitant, concordant, congruous, conjoint, consensual, consonant, contemporaneous, corporate, correlative, current, joint, mutual, reciprocal, simultaneous, synergetic

CONCURRENT. Running together; having the same authority; thus we say a concurrent consideration occurs in the case of mutual promises; such and such a court have concurrent jurisdiction; that is, each has the same jurisdiction.

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The proportion was significantly lower among those who had had a single relationship (3%) than among those who had had sequential or concurrent partners (5% and 7%, respectively); the difference between the two groups with multiple partners was not statistically significant.
Land Systems used its concurrent engineering efforts on the Armored Recovery Vehicle as its entry for the competition.
Concurrent Computer Corporation its logo and Everstream and its logo are registered trademarks of Concurrent Computer Corporation.
Twenty-two percent of respondents reported concurrent recent partners--27% of men and 18% of women.
Concurrent and Oceanic Time Warner Cable pioneered the first commercial launch of VOD services in 1999 and became the first system to offer time shifted events on VOD using Concurrent's MediaHawk 1000.
Concurrent VOD solutions are deployed worldwide with major multi-system operators (MSOs) such as Time Warner, Comcast, BrightHouse, J:COM and Cox Communications; it recently announced the deployment of its millionth VOD stream.
Concurrent VOD solutions are deployed worldwide with other major MSOs such as Time Warner, Comcast, BrightHouse, JCOM and Cox Communications.
Over 40 years, industry-leading companies such as Boeing, British Petroleum, Comcast, Cox Communications, DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, Lockheed Martin, Saab, Time Warner Cable and many more have turned to Concurrent to meet their needs in time-critical computing," said Gary Trimm, CEO of Concurrent.
Aonix PERC meets the stringent requirements of resource-constrained or large, complex hard real-time applications, as those developed by our most demanding customers," said Gary Beerman, Director of Real-Time Marketing at Concurrent.
Working with Nordija demonstrates the flexibility of Concurrent's on-demand technology and our on-going commitment to providing our international partners with the tools necessary to deliver next generation video services to their customers," said Gary Trimm, President and CEO of Concurrent.
Concurrent's latest deployment in Cox's Cleveland division is a reflection of the success we've achieved time and again in Cox systems like Hampton Roads and Las Vegas," said Gary Trimm, CEO of Concurrent.
Concurrent plans to publicly exhibit the SMS for the first time at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in June; their exhibit will be booth #125.

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