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To find out more, researchers from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee studied concussed football players with arterial spin labeling, an advanced MRI method that detects blood flow in the brain.
Furthermore, in order to investigate whether players reporting a history of concussion differed from those reporting no history of concussion with regard to their concussion knowledge, frequencies were also calculated for the previously concussed and previously non-concussed participants separately.
There is absolutely no point in sending a concussed player back on to the pitch, because they are not going to contribute to the game.
There's always doubt because you have to pass the CogSport test and you never truly know until you've done that, but I knew that I didn't get knocked out and concussed as badly as I have done in the past.
David Splaine, who was mildly concussed in a fall in a handicap hurdle on the same card, was stood down for six days in accordance with regular procedure.
1 Morton bagged a first win under Kenny Shiels despite playing for 60 minutes without keeper Nico Caraux who was concussed after a clash with Mark Burchill.
It is important that young concussed athletes have adequate rest and also avoid environments or activities where there is a high likelihood of re-injury early after a concussive injury has occurred.
JACQUELINE COWARD was said to be badly concussed but stable after suffering a crashing fall in the back straight from the Donald McCain-trained favourite Ras Laffan in the opening Home-Tek Lady Riders' Selling Handicap Hurdle at Catterick yesterday.
That's not due to any fine warbling on their part, but because the judge is concussed and confused after Ashley accidentally hits him with a curtain pole.
No word on whether damaged limbs or concussed craniums are considered the property of the Research Fund.
Skipper Phil Vickery is on course to make the opening game after being concussed in Marseille.
Sole believes the allegation could have been made to mask the fact that O'Gara was concussed - which would dictate medically he could play no part in this weekend's crucial RBS Six Nations clash in Italy.