condemned person

See: convict
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Sort of wooden tablets hung up at the corners of streets the evening before an execution, on which is pasted up a paper containing the names of the condemned persons, their crimes, and mode of punishment.
No part of the programme differed, -- the names of the condemned persons, their crimes, and mode of punishment, all agreed with his previous information.
Public executions are routinely carried out in Iran using cranes that lift the condemned person by a noose in front of a crowd of spectators.
The condemned person was required to live in the cells for a period of three Sundays accompanied at all times by two warders from other prisons.
Ch Shujat Hussain said what this condemned person has stated about the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) in the blasphemous film, his heart and mind did not even allow him to think about that what to talk about stating that.
Yet the logic of the decision is sound: If lawful processes result in a sentence of death, a condemned person must consent to having that result set aside.
On a "short rope", the condemned person does not drop far enough to snap the neck, instead suffering for several long minutes as life is wrung out of them.
The three convicts referred to the Supreme Court ruling in 'Madhu Mehta versus Union of India case, saying the Court had held that undue delay in execution of the death sentence would entitle the condemned person to approach the court under Art 32 (right to constitutional remedy) of the Constitution.
The centerpiece of this ritual was the execution sermon, which was commonly delivered to the condemned person and a crowd of dignitaries and curious spectators in the hours preceding the hanging.
Those carrying out the sentence then throw stones until the condemned person dies.
Other options are available, if preferred by the condemned person.
Lethal injections are usually a combination of three chemicals that are intended to first anesthetize the condemned person, then paralyze the muscles, and finally stop the heart.