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The boiler starts to condense water out of the combustion gasses when the dewpoint of the combustion gasses is reached; which, at sea level, is about 130[degrees]F (54[degrees]C).
In fact, most such boilers condense 4% or less of the potential condensate.
When working at peak efficiency, the water vapor produced in the combustion process condenses, but the condensate is acidic, with a pH level of 4 to 5, making it corrosive.
The temperature at which air will condense is called the "dew-point.
Therefore, there is a general limit to how much water may condense in a structure in a heating environment, and there is a generally lower incidence of mold in those environments.
Partial pyrolysis of coal generates a true "vegetable soup of organic compounds, which either condense within the green sand, vent from the mold or release at cope pickoff and shakeout of the castings.
Heat Rejection Taking heat from the discharge gas to condense it to liquid, but not using it in any other way.