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950), repeats the same verb used at the beginning of the poem to describe the founding of Rome: "tantae molis erat Romanam condere gentem" ["So vast was the effort to found the Roman race" (I.
17-20); being bound to a sportive lyre, pointing to the crux for whole collection at the end of the Parade Odes (te canam, magni Iovis et deorum / nuntium curvaeque lyrae parentem, / callidum quicquid placuit, iocoso / condere furto, Odes 1.
61], ubi dicitur: sed intelligas quod hic dicitur quod qui dicit romanam ecclesiam non esse caput nec posse condere canones, ille est hereticus" (my emphasis): Boureau, Le pape et les sorciers, 44 (f.
Itaque in singulis urbibus leges in rem suam accommodatas condere necessitas impulit, quae iuri romano anteferuntur.
22) rex aggregauit, et in loco qui Vetus Rotomagus dicitur castrum condere cepit, quod Mata putenam id est deuincens meretricem pro despectu Haduisoe comitissoe nuncupauit 'the king marshalled (his army), and in the place called Old Rouen began to build a siege-castle, naming it Mata-putena "vanquished-whore," that is to say meretrix defeating, out of disdain for the countess Hawise' (Chibnall VI.
The Latin reads: "Alii autem 'gratuitatem' ordinis supernaturalis corrumpunt, cum autumnent Deum entia intellectu praedita condere non posse, quin eadem ad beatificam visionem ordinet et vocet" (DS 3891, and the original in AAS 42 [1950] 561-78, at 570).
After Condere breached its leases and entered bankruptcy, the leasing company found a buyer for the equipment, and Condere agreed to the removal of the presses from its factory.
The firings followed a complex financial deal in which Titan and various interests associated with Titan CEO Morry Taylor and his family took a controlling interest in Condere Corporation, a bankrupt company which owned Fidelity Tire in Natchez.
NYSE: TWI) -- that the NLRB will be issuing an unfair labor practice complaint against Fidelity Tire, a division of Condere Corp.
33 we learn of the heavy cost of nation-building :"tantae molis erat Romanam condere gentem.
15, 1998, about 300 members of USWA Local 303L in Natchez, Mississippi, began a ULP strike when Titan and its alter ego, Condere Corp.
This idea is traditionally stated by the Latin adage: ejus est interpretari cujus est condere.