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Who wouldn't want to be subjected to your patronising, pompous and condescending remarks?
I'd like to say it's good to see her back, and I suppose her bossy, condescending attitude can make good television.
IC says: Truth is that Moyes will end up in a top job at some stage - and if that sounds condescending then sorry, Blues fans.
The smug utterances from politicians, merely prove just how out of touch with the real world these hypocritical, condescending parasites are.
Summary: European correspondents reporting from Israel are depicted as stupid and condescending in video spoofs on a new government website.
But Jason says her comments were condescending - and insisted the boys wanted a happy ending.
Roger accuses me of being condescending, but what's more condescending than the older generation smugly asserting that their generation is so superior to those that follow?
Summary: Speeches and media appearances this week by Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun have featured a heavy dose of condescending talk, brazen threats and the total denial of the role of other players in Lebanon's political system.
Last Friday's Financial Times had some great long words for me to ponder the meaning of - ludicrously condescending, endlessly platitudinising and self- admiring were all terms used to describe .
Women would find it demeaning and condescending if they were put in some sort of special list category.
Perhaps my description of Loe as "a former New Yorker who now works as a librarian in Salt Lake City and is something of a local expert on the work" struck her as condescending.
Typically, and without being patronising or condescending, Delaney gets inside the children's heads and explores their emotions in a moving and direct way that will ring bells with almost every listener.