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And while the Russians were behaving condescendingly toward their guests from the Syrian "opposition" -- or what was left of it after key figures boycotted -- the bizarre event comes as the regime is using even harsher rhetoric, instead of searching for the compromises that Moscow claims to support.
Cain's kinship with these women is powerful -- she's not a hero who swoops in condescendingly.
The promoter of a proposed single turbine at Llanaelhaearn in Gwynedd says condescendingly that the local community is poor and could benefit from 'nearly PS3m profit over 20 years' from the turbine.
Told simply but never condescendingly, Gerstein illustrates his story of the life of a child who grows to adulthood with affection--the pictures fit the text perfectly, and will have anyone who enjoys art smiling at the detail and enthusiasm that fill the text and flow into the story.
MR R Vant from the Holme Valley jumped onto a letter I had written and stated rather condescendingly that if I was mature enough I should apologise.
That time those who said it didn't realise two things; first, they never thought LFW will produce youngsters who are capable of wiping out some the "big" name and second, the "big" names who talked condescendingly about LFW themselves slowly started showing at this event.
Lord Jones said: "We are faced with an unelected ruling elite in Brussels that still can't balance its books, where the culture is still one of marching valiantly towards 1970 and where criticism is condescendingly seen as heretical.
Historian Philip Ziegler listened to taped interviews with Olivier before penning the book which has him talking condescendingly about some of old Hollywood's brightest stars.
Somehow the opinion giver was not a real 'we', and to ensure he was made aware of his diminished status, he was condescendingly told 'This may sound news to an expat'.
Another called for drinking if Obama said "uh" -- a sure way to drunkenness -- while a rival plan called for glasses to be raised "every time Mitt Romney smiles condescendingly.
With all due respect, I want to tell the Kuwaiti MP that I never accused the Kuwaitis of being superficial, not even indirectly, nor did I write condescendingly.
I am not promoting FB for Mark Zuckerberg but I just wish to clear some misconceptions and get the sneer off the faces of the cynics who look at us condescendingly and laugh at FB users.