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The British treated colonists very poorly and condescendingly.
Who would have thought 25 years ago we'd be entertained by millionaires arrogantly dismissing or condescendingly acceding to those who publicly begged from them, eagerly consumed by a voyeuristic public.
Salman said that Sison, like US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, talks condescendingly to Arabs "of the way things are and ought to be" without them complaining or arguing about it.
Impelled to understand why he has been booted out of the winners' circle--he is mentioned only briefly and condescendingly in the textbooks and biographies flowing out endlessly about the Freudian remaking of the psychological world--Webster's heroine travels across the country and the ocean to visit sites and survivors of the movement.
The opera's discouraging ministers, rather condescendingly named Ping, Pang and Pong, are played with finesse by Wang Limin, Li Xiang and Li Bin.
Bush responded with friendly overtures that convinced Indian politicians and the majority of Indians that Bush was a rare Republican - most Republican presidents have looked condescendingly at India, a staunch ally of the Soviet Union in the Cold War - and interested in cultivating strong ties with India.
You've been getting a gift from this city for 50 years, and that's been a great gift to you," said Smith, condescendingly.
Condescendingly characterizing the recent passing of a de-Baathification law, and budget agreement, as welcome but insufficient progress, the Congress, I suggest, ought to instead embrace some strategic patience.
And we lecture Russia and China condescendingly on human rights and speak openly of committing "regime change" in various countries as if we had a divine right to determine their form of government.
CLLR JOHN MUTTON (Your Say, 23 May) condescendingly accuses me of trying to turn the closure of Hertford Street post office into a party political issue.
Cuba under its present leaders will neither go communist nor come under communist control or even great influence," he informed Reston, then added condescendingly, "This is a situation I have studied as deeply as anyone in the United States.
Your editorial completely missed the point about how the BNP operates, even though you condescendingly offered your opposition to the BNP at the end of your article.