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And we lecture Russia and China condescendingly on human rights and speak openly of committing "regime change" in various countries as if we had a divine right to determine their form of government.
CLLR JOHN MUTTON (Your Say, 23 May) condescendingly accuses me of trying to turn the closure of Hertford Street post office into a party political issue.
Cuba under its present leaders will neither go communist nor come under communist control or even great influence," he informed Reston, then added condescendingly, "This is a situation I have studied as deeply as anyone in the United States.
Your editorial completely missed the point about how the BNP operates, even though you condescendingly offered your opposition to the BNP at the end of your article.
During the post-mortem after November's election debacle--at which Republican bigwigs gathered to wring their hands and point fingers--Sununu brought his audience down memory lane by pontificating on education funding-related issues and condescendingly "lecturing" anyone who dared disagree with him.
That these candidates would have an imperious attitude toward western farmers shows that little has changed in the Liberal party and its attitude toward "the regions," as the rest of the country is condescendingly known.
Further, the articles condescendingly malign Florida Republican legislators as not understanding the state constitution, ignoring it when expedient, and having "contempt" for an independent judiciary.
He's shallow, snooty, and condescendingly slappable.
And what discussion of the revolting excess of reality TV would be complete without at least a mention of the condescendingly classist adventures of millionaire heiress Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie on Fox TV's "The Simple Life"?
Even those who did not have access to some of the documents he used are rather condescendingly dismissed.
She would nod condescendingly to each mullein that attracted her special attention, and, if the populace cheered loud enough, her father might be induced to render some kingly selection like "The Bullfrog on the Bank.
He does not argue with them, berate them, or treat them condescendingly.