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This is why the Lord himself, while the whole Israelite people were no less guilty of this crime, was silent regarding commoners, but vented his fury in condign punishment only on their leaders.
The widespread sense of condign outrage--of horror leavened by anger and elevated by resolve--testified to a renewed sense of national purpose and identity after 9/11.
AT first sight the judgment of the Lahore High Court to cut off the noses and ears of two people who did the same to a young woman, as well as suffer 50 years' imprisonment, would appear to be condign justice.
So, wisely taking advantage of the opportunity provided by her proximity to mete out the necessary condign punishment, the feisty miss (yes, I know - yuk) proceeded to belabour the fleeing Marquez (riding Chilling Effect) about the buttocks with her whip.
It quickly made the rounds--we first heard of it early in November when a friend in Chicago sent us the exchange--and instantly sparked condign outrage.
We have mentioned above the distinction between condign and congruous merit, notions which Shakespeare consciously plays on in Love's Labor's Lost (1.
But in Eliot's heyday no one would have regarded Bloom's blimpish Freudian melodramas with anything other than neglect or condign ridicule.
Others have taken different paths but they have chosen to continue attacks with indiscriminate weaponry but those who are convicted of such involvment will face long and condign punishment.
There's Judge Burgess said "his behaviour requires to be visited with condign punishment".
Recorder Victor Temple QC, told Blackfriars crown court that guns produced a "spiral of crime", adding: "Those who supply firearms bear a heavy responsibility and deserve condign punishment.
Punishment for such crimes should be condign, to send a message to other teenage thugs.