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All the powers of the Umayyad rule hierarchy of power applied condign power at the highest level, here are some points:
Acknowledging the reality of the justice marketplace, the Court had to next address the appropriate remedy where pleas displaced trials and sentences were more bargain than condign punishment.
come from demonic inspiration, from the spirits poured in his ear by his wife, and above all from the terrible torments of sense and mind visited upon him by condign punishment for a deed of supreme evil" (219).
While the Hungarian minister-president promoted a plan which had as its centerpiece a reordering of the status quo in the Balkans, the Monarchy's foreign minister was still, it seemed, prepared to threaten Serbia with condign punishment if it disturbed the status quo.
In asking for such condign punishment, Syria was invoking the UN Charter, which gives the Security Council the right to impose such severe penalties upon nations that threaten to break the peace.
Intermittent stabs of guilt could make a Whig boss fleetingly entertain the idea of giving Smith condign rewards.
As Calabritto points out in her Introduction, the mad are simply constructed as condign objects of moral judgement for their deviance from the rules of conduct set for Catholic Reformation society--although, it should be pointed out that many of them suffer and deviate through no particular fault of their own, but from birth, or as a result of some unfortunate accident.
Can somebody point out to an ingenu like me the actual function of the stewards, other than meting out condign punishment to whip-happy jockeys?
Para los anos de la Guerra Fria (1947-91), domina da por la vision realista, la principal expresion de este fue el ejercicio del llamado poder duro, hard power, o tambien llamado condign power (Galbraith, 1985).
These hypotheses are of a piece with the condign criticism from countries advancing this resolution when the LLRC was appointed.
Mailer's close examination of Hitler's life--the bibliography appended to the novel is extensive--puts mockery in the service of strict accounting, the measure for measure of condign punishment.
This was a re-run of footage of scenes in London, Birmingham and Manchester where gangs had taken over not only the highway but the streets as well and there was no Mad Max character to dispense summary justice and condign punishment.