conditional release

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Also, the rule offers no provision under which FDA or Customs would be required to provide the importer of record actual notice of conditional release pertaining to the product being held.
2) Canada, Taking Responsibility: Report of the Standing Committee on Justice and Solicitor General on Its Review of Sentencing, Conditional Release and Related Aspects of Corrections (Ottawa: Supply and Services Canada, 1988) (Chairperson: D.
For those convicted of rape or other sexual assault, however, the ratio of those on conditional release to those incarcerated is much lower: 1.
Tons of hurdles had come in our way and eventually we overcame them for his conditional release.
Tehran Prosecutor Gholam-Hossain Mohseni-Ejai explained earlier that prisoners most people would consider to be political "who announce their repentance will be recommended 'to Khamenehi] for release, prison leave, conditional release, et cetera.
Last time I went to the immigration authorities they told me to not worry, they said that when my conditional release period is over, they will detain me for another six months and then let me go again for another three months," she said.
The justice ministry said that priority will be given to aged people and adolescents, while some other detainees will benefit from conditional release and reduced sentences.
The DPM Chairman was among the 12 persons whose detention under the PSA was revoked by the authorities in October this year but he had refused conditional release.
But Shah had rejected the offer of a conditional release.
I also gave them a copy of the conditional release order issued by the government for Shah's release," she said.
On the other hand, al-Ulofi said that 50 prisoners on criminal cases have been given conditional release in Hodeidah province.
Conditional Release decision was made saying there was not any probability for him to flee abroad.

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