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The other main exclusionary rationales--avoiding judicial condonation of police misconduct and compensating victims of overreaching--fail straightforward cost-benefit tests.
Condonation occurred when the innocent party continued to live with the guilty party after learning of marital misconduct.
Powers reasoned that interaction at a prom between romantic partners was a form of sexual activity and that if permission were granted, it would be seen as both an endorsement and condonation of conduct contrary to Catholic Church teachings.
According to the Department, as per paras 19 and 20 of the IPO-2013 any aggrieved importer may approach the Ministry of Commerce for relaxation/ condonation.
However, in a recent case, the request for the condonation of opening pre-shipment L/C was turned out.
It seems unclear that either or both of these are requirements for what is accepted as ethical euthanasia, not least in the context of the State Commission's condonation of euthanasia for the irreversibly comatose - where you have neither autonomy nor presumably, suffering, unbrearable or otherwise.
It is to be distinguished: from justification of the offense on the grounds of mitigating factors; from mercy towards the offender, which can be shown only by an authority with the qualifications to pass formal legal judgment; from condonation of the offense in the interests of family or community harmony.
se For a nineteenth-century discussion of condonation and recrimination, see Horne v.
The second round of objections, coming in the seventies and eighties, "took place in the East and Midwest by the religious right and African-Americans, with the latter group objecting to [the novel's] condonation of institutional racism.
villainy and serve as further condonation of Israeli terror, we read Arthur Koestler's "Open Letter to a Parent of a British Soldier in Palestine" protesting British action forcing ships to return with their "doomed hysterical load, back to where they came from.
The first was the idolization of authority in the interwar years, when authority was defined inadequately and worshipped fanatically, resulting in the rejection of democracy and legality and in the condonation of dictatorship.
In the context of the Charter, the court has stated that disrepute may arise from judicial condonation of unacceptable conduct by the investigatory and prosecutional agencies", and "the basis on which entrapment is recognised lies in the need to preserve the purity of the administration of justice".