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It could be interpreted as condoning a breach of the law.
But in the nebulous world of artistic expression, the difference between rapping about rape and condoning rape is an important, if murky, distinction.
By encouraging and condoning violence and terror, the Animal Defense League has made itself an outlaw organization,'' Delgadillo said.
He shouldn't have been sent off in first place even Moyes and Stubbs agree with that, though that's not condoning events.
By praising Putin's actions you are not only condoning the gassing of civilians and summary executions in a crisis, but you are condoning the treatment of the Chechens by the Russian army.
From a public relations standpoint, though, the NCAA has to show it's concerned about condoning any kind of gambling, which will reportedly generate about $63.
MSP Donald Gorrie accused Glasgow Council Leader Charlie Gordon of condoning the material.
Does Ann Landers know that she is condoning perversion?
Life, ``Being a teacher means you have learned''), I am distressed by her apparent inability to distinguish ``judgmental'' from ``moral,'' confusing a nonjudgmental attitude with condoning immorality.
Condoning absences is not exactly the best message for young people who will eventually need to hold jobs.
Lipson further accused Cardoza of condoning the illegal testing by giving lab officials a ``wink and a nod'' in the form of legal advice that such violations cannot bar the introduction of test evidence in court.