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Streamlining the labor market is important but placing restrictions on foreign labor will only create an environment not very conduce to business and investment.
This combination of expertise supported by the facilities of Johannes Gutenberg University will create the optimal conditions for the realization of scientific purposes included in this project and will conduce to the efficient knowledge transfer between the experienced researcher and the host laboratory.
In this regard, we reiterate our support for the points raised in Syrian Friends Conference in London recently, notably that the conference would conduce a political process to be based on forming a transitional government with full-fledging powers that, first of all, deprive Assad and his junta from any role in it.
It should conduce at once to her health, comfort, and usefulness; and, while it should not fail also to conduce to her personal adornment, it should make that end of secondary importance," she wrote.
The restart of oil production this weekend, Johnson said, should open a new chapter for South Sudan, in terms of not only an "improved economic situation, but also with conditions more conduce to progress on other political and security challenges.
Papandreou added that Greece also supports the South Stream gas pipeline project, as well as linking Greece's gas system to that of Bulgaria, mentioning two undertakings that Greece might use as cards against Bulgaria to conduce it to better support Burgas-Alexandrupolis.
Il rifiorire prima, poi il crescere costante di un interesse per il fiorentino sono certamente legati (senza mettere in dubbio i meriti oggettivi dello scrittore) alla continuata attenzione e al capillare lavoro di promozione che il Centro Studi Palazzeschi dell'Universita di Firenze conduce da qualche anno, forte dell'eredita dell'intero archivio privato dello scrittore: manoscritti autografi, appunti, lettere, foto e l'intera biblioteca personale.
The decrease of intestinal glucose absorption and the inhibition of G-6-Pase both conduce to a blood sugar concentration regulation.
These differences conduce to differences between the computed values of the elastic constants of the material and the real comportment of this.
Such acts are named and evaluated by reference to their end, that is, the ways they conduce or fail to conduce to happiness.
But, you know, for the life of me I can't conceive of any way in which Mori's plans might conduce to such a goal.