conduct an inquiry

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The Federal Parliamentary Secretary and the two provincial ministers demanded to conduct an inquiry and fix responsibility so that the responsible officials who were tasked for the accommodation of Hujjaj and other allied facilities could be taken into task.
The chairman had directed Member (Environment), CDA to carry out inspection of the zoo and conduct an inquiry regarding the death of the precious animal.
In response to these allegations, the company's Board of Directors has appointed a special committee of independent, non-management directors to conduct an inquiry into issues surrounding natural gas purchases, sales, transportation and storage.
Talking to BBC radio, he said Prime Ministers Advisor on Interior Rehman Malik said that they have no information about names and other details of the detainees but we will conduct an inquiry after receive information from the British officials and the names and other materials will be provided.
Jack Driscoll, executive director of the Department of Airports, said Tuesday that his staff would conduct an inquiry and report to the council.
Nicor has established a special committee to conduct an inquiry into issues surrounding natural gas purchases, sales, transportation, and storage.
The protestors demanded the authorities concerned of the government to take notice of such injustices and conduct an inquiry against the issuance of unjustified electricity bills.
Within the context of a careful hearing the Supervisory Board has nevertheless instructed an independent accountancy firm to conduct an inquiry into the allegations.
Expressing shock, the President directed the Advisor to the Prime Minister on Interior to conduct an inquiry into this unfortunate incident and submit the report to the Presidency immediately.
City Manager George Caravalho and City Attorney Carl Newton will conduct an inquiry into a series of anonymous complaints accusing two city administrators of incompetence and discrimination, city officials said Wednesday.
on Friday urged Attorney General Janet Reno to conduct an inquiry to determine whether Starr should be disciplined or removed for ``repeated instances of alleged misconduct and abuses of power.
The Company, with the assistance of its independent auditors, has continued to conduct an inquiry into the Company's financial records.