conduct research

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One of the students, Eric Price, a PhD candidate at UBC in medicinal inorganic chemistry/radiochemistry, was awarded an NSERC postgraduate fellowship to conduct research at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in New York, conducting research into creating new imaging agents and treatments for cancer using with radioactive metals.
conduct research and provide scientifically valid recommendations for protecting workers; and
Colleges and universities that conduct research have for years been reporting an urgent need to expand or upgrade their facilities.
They will also conduct research in villages of minority ethnic groups near China's borders with Myanmar and Laos, and will meet Chinese scholars in the city of Kunming, the officials said.
plans to conduct research and development for pharmaceutical companies and public research institutes.
NIMH-supported scientists are continuing to conduct research into the impact of violence and disaster on children and adolescents.
CANOGA PARK - Young ``astronauts'' can conduct research into outer space today via a trip inside a new traveling space laboratory.
institutions have begun importing TH-CRE mice to conduct research, and demand is on the rise.
We're the ones who conduct research and invent the tools that game designers use to make games more realistic," says Powell, 59, who is also a research professor at the USC School of Engineering, as well as senior fellow at USC's Annenberg School for Communication and its 3-D Center on Public Diplomacy.
These fellowships were established to assist promising and highly qualified young researchers wishing to conduct research in Japan.