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Finite element equations for solid mechanics and conductive heat transfer phenomena are provided in Section 3.
bot] Conductive heat transfer from basin liner to ambient through bottom side, W [Q.
The overall heat balance calculation can be determined as the steady-state energy balance of (1) the heat generated in the test room (both plug and light loads), (2) the test room heat extraction rate, and (3) the total steady-state conductive heat transfer between the test room and its guard spaces.
There will be a transient era, in which heat production will still exceed conductive heat loss so that the mantle underneath the seized-up lithosphere will heat up, and transient plume activity or mantle overturn events may temporarily bring back mobility to the lithosphere, resulting in significant resurfacing.
Under laminar flow, the melting polymers in the thermal boundary layer fall within the convective heat transfer region and the conductive heat transfer region.
Conductive heat is transferred to the patient from the pad beneath them, allowing complete therapeutic access.
The Conductive tool changer, for carbide tools only, uses conductive heat to change tools in less than three minutes.
However, WIT uses conductive heat (hot water balloon and pressure) versus radiant energy, which other alternative BPH therapies employ.
The rate at which heat is conductively transferred is defined by a conductive heat transfer coefficient.
The extreme flatness of the plate ensures an excellent surface-to-surface bridge for efficient conductive heat transfer to or from the unit under test.