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It is also seen that sub heated water droplets heated conductively evaporate faster than sub cooled droplets in combined heating case (Fig.
These conductively coated foams are finding use in EMI suppression (especially against high intensity fields), cavity resonance damping, crosstalk reduction, radar absorption, vibration dampening and static dissipation.
However, the factors affecting the unique conditions of evaporation of the conductively heated droplets are still not identified.
Calculations are done in two cases: when droplets are heated conductively (P [equivalent to] [P.
The thermal conditions are distinctive to the size of the droplet when it is being heated conductively and presented in a real time scale (Fig.
A numerical study of the n-decane droplet heating and evaporation showed that in the case of heating the droplet conductively, the thermal state change expressed using Fourier's criterion is universal and can be stated with typical droplet surface, centre and average mass temperature describing curves.
Both products are conductively cooled mounted with hard solder on a CS-type assembly.
The new Oclaro laser diode bars are conductively cooled on an industry standard CS type assembly that is fully compatible to previously released products.
These tunable solid state lasers are unique in that they can be conductively air cooled to compete favorably against water cooled lasers in many applications.
Pink Sheets: LNGT) announced today that the Company has filed a patent application for a new BrightStar(TM) flashlamp pumped conductively air cooled Alexandrite laser technology.
The BrightStar(TM) laser is part of the Company's current product line of conductively air cooled lasers.
Laser Energetics' laser technology can be designed to operate off batteries, making these conductively cooled lasers man-portable on the battlefield.