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Activists from across the political spectrum have long argued that Americans at the confab are feloniously violating the Logan Act.
Lab Quality Confab presents the ideal venue for lab managers and quality team members who need to make cost reduction a major priority in their respective lab facilities via competently eliminating sources of waste, improving the productivity of automation, and boosting the performance of their lab teams.
Japan, feeling it has long been fighting an unproductive battle at the International Whaling Commission along with Norway and Iceland to reinstate whaling for profit, has invited all 72 member countries of the IWC to attend a three-day confab, called ''the Conference for the Normalization of the International Whaling Commission.
The golden age of science fiction is 10 - because you are 10 years old when you fell in love with it,'' said Scott Beckstead, 48, of Westlake Village, head of the society and chairman of its 33rd confab.
In late September, affiliates of the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family and other Religious Right groups held a three-day confab in Washington, D.
The confab had been called by Larry Kramer at the height of the AIDS epidemic because, as Larry said, "they're making war on us.
Time for another family confab, but this time involving the professionals.
But Pentateuch-era longevity may soon make a comeback, according to a Reuters report, if predictions by scientists at a recent Oxford University confab prove correct.
I read great coverage of the recent IABC confab in The Ragan Report and then an intriguing article in Corporate Writer & Editor.
Speaking at a news conference in Hiroshima, Akiba, who took part in the confab in New York earlier this month, said he ''reconfirmed'' there that the majority in the international community is demanding nuclear disarmament but that the United Nations apparently failed to reflect the opinion.
The ultimate canoe confab takes place each May in Lahaina, Maui, at the International Festival of Canoes.
From the increasingly creepy frontiers of reproductive science came two distressing reports this summer at a Madrid confab of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.