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This brings up a confabulation regarding the certain fair young person; when Noddy he gives it as his opinion that she is a deary creetur.
The schoolroom piano broke into all gruesome fancies; and when that failed there were confabulations in corners, with a sequel of one of them going out in the highest spirits in order to "come in" as something new.
She remembered the simple delight expressed on the round, good-humored face of Anna Pavlovna at their meetings; she remembered their secret confabulations about the invalid, their plots to draw him away from the work which was forbidden him, and to get him out-of-doors; the devotion of the youngest boy, who used to call her "my Kitty," and would not go to bed without her.
The vision had roused a host of other associations, and he sat looking with new eyes at the library which, for over thirty years, had been the scene of his solitary musings and of all the family confabulations.
The new collaboration project is based on a ground breaking method for perception and machine learning for autonomous vehicles and will integrate Hecht-Nielsen's work on artificial neural networks, confabulation theory, and vertebrate movement mathematics with PRI's applied experience in autonomous vehicles and robots.
56) That confabulation carries over into later recall of the witnessed event because the child believes the false information is now true.
Confabulation has a rolling bass by Matthew Williams which could be from debut album Stone Roses and a guitar that rocks backwards and forwards with classic indie swagger.
In this paper we propose a novel expert system for natural Mediterranean image segmentation and classification based on cogent confabulation theory [5-6] (which is a novel model of cognition) and various knowledge bases.
He says, The correct word, the word you want, is confabulation.
Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome includes symptoms of Wernicke's encephalopathy along with global amnesia, which includes both retrograde and anterograde amnesia and confabulation.