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For each award type, the charts show the trend for conferrals to men and women separately (referenced to the numbers on the left vertical axis), along with a "percent female" trend line (referenced to the percentages on the right vertical axis).
Nonetheless, a 4:3 majority in Boilermakers' (Dixon CJ, McTiernan, Fullagar, and Kitto JJ; Williams, Webb and Taylor JJ dissenting) still found the conferral of judicial powers on it invalid.
In the next section, we examine more aggregate statistics related to associate degree conferrals to students of color over a 10-year time period.
These four-year institutions play a smaller roll in sub-two-year certificate conferrals.
When looking at doctoral degree conferrals, the three categories of master's level institutions are collapsed into one group, which seemingly, by definition, should not offer any doctoral degrees.
Associate degree conferrals by race/ethnicity follow fairly closely the general population percent ages, with a slight under-representation among Hispanics and Whites.
For example, the two fastest growing disciplinary areas across all groups combined for master's degree conferrals are parks, recreation, & leisure studies and protective services.
This year's special statistical focus is on the change in conferrals of associate degrees by sector over the last 10 years.
In past years, we focused our overall analysis on trends in degree conferrals according to several institutional and geographic characteristics.
More than 200 institutions, including the perennial leader in degree conferrals, Miami Dade College, moved from two-year to four-year status over the past 10 years.
Less than two-years institutions have come to play a far more prominent role in awarding two-year certificates, nearly doubling their numbers in the ten year period while the four- and two-year conferral numbers remained relatively stable.
Two-year certificate conferrals also grew at a faster rate last year--just over 9 percent--than the average for the last 10 years, which is 2.