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Arguelles told the Inquirer that conferring Duterte the honorary degree is to tolerate the thousands of killings under the his bloody narcotics crackdown.
The new charge will apply to the summer conferring in June, autumn conferring in September and winter conferring in December this year and it will cover a graduate and their two guests.
Mr Owen said if he was right that the police practice of conferring is incompatible with the European Convention of Human Rights over the independence of such investigations, there is then the issue of what steps the IPCC must take to remedy the situation.
Before conferring a professorship on any of its staff, the University of Huddersfield seeks endorsement from leading academics from other institutions in order to verify the quality of the research.
Additionally, 2005-06 was a banner year for Del Mar College in conferring degrees and certificates overall.
NUI Galway made history last week by having its first ever honary degree conferring outside of Ireland.
The second integron contains the [beta]-lactamase gene pse-1, conferring resistance to Ap.
Six insecticides were linked to prostate cancer only in men with a family history, conferring a two-fold excess risk of prostate cancer.
After conferring with them, I made a 10-year offer, and he accepted it.
But then after the just quoted passage, he raises the possibility that (i) having a good reason for conferring the status and (ii) the conferring of status are both necessary for making art.
This result indicates that "there is at least one dominant mutation in that population" conferring resistance, says Tabashnik.
However, if the same owner gives a second 30% interest the next year to a second child, the Service explained that (1) the second 30% gift carries with it swing vote characteristics and (2) the first donee's 30% block increases in value because the second 30% transfer enhances its voting control by indirectly conferring on it a swing vote element.