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Solicits, accepts or agrees to accept any benefit as compensation or consideration for having as a public servant given a decision, opinion, recommendation or vote favorable to another or for having otherwise exercised his or her discretion in favor of another; or Offers, confers or agrees to confer any benefit upon a public servant and the receipt of the benefit is prohibited by this section.
Here, the appellate court agreed with the trial court that the dune construction did not confer a special benefit on the Karans' land.
A once-only intervention that confers a 50 percent efficacy is obviously a very important development.
1 vector and tested to determine if recombinant plasmids confer trimethoprim resistance after transformation to Escherichia coli.
It is all about things and the mystique they can confer on their owners, often a mystique conferred by the identity of the previous owner, as in the case of the aspirin tins, though the provenance of genuine heirlooms has, from the beginning, added to the willingness of a buyer to pay more.
A double dose of the mutated gene, called CKR5, confers complete immunity to AIDS, the researchers said.
The simple response states that, given that the first three members of the artworld accept Arthur as a fully qualified member of the artworld, as soon as Arthur confers arthood upon the controversial item, it is an artwork.
If the organism recovers, the antitoxin present in its bloodstream confers immunity to the disease thereafter.
EpiVax lead tularemia vaccine candidate confers protective immunity
Giving birth confers on women some protection against ovarian cancer.
The first integron carries the aadA2 gene, which confers resistance to Sm and Sp.
This agreement, which confers on it the status of a supranational institution, grants CAF several immunities and privileges.