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CONFESSOR, evid. A priest of some Christian sect, who receives an account of the sins of his people, and undertakes to give them absolution of their sins.
     2. The general rule on the subject of giving evidence of confidential communications is, that the privilege is confined to counsel, solicitors, and attorneys, and the interpreter between the counsel and the client. Vide Confidential Communications. Contrary to this general rule, it has been decided in New York, that a priest of the Roman Catholic denomination could not be compelled to divulge secrets which he had received in auricular confession. 2 City Hall Rec. 80, n.; Joy on Conf. Sec. 4, p. 49. See Bouv. Inst. n. 3174 and note.

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In choosing this option, the nuns relinquished their authority over the convent's most important position to their confessor.
In general, it is not necessary for the confessor to investigate concerning sins committed in invincible ignorance of their evil, or due to an inculpable error of judgment," the new document said.
While women such as Francisca did not commit their experiences to pen and paper, Ana Domengue transcribed hers in a 167-folio of first- and third-person accounts compiled at the request of her confessor.
On June 26 during a Latin-rite Mass attended by about half a million faithful, the Pope beatified two confessors of faith known for their love of the poor and illiterate.
Saint Alphonsus Liguori (1696-1787), founder of Redemptorists, preeminent moral theologian and apologist, patron of confessors and moralists [1871].
During these three years she spoke only to her confessor and rarely ventured outside except to attend Mass at the neighbouring church of St.
He's the neighborhood host, town crier, traffic cop, pet finder and father confessor on this stretch of Chase Street in Northridge, where he lives.
One 6-year-old, for example, having studiously memorized the potential sins listed, emerged from his first encounter with a confessor refreshed and elated.
Edward the Confessor Parish with her husband Preston.
One hopes that his confessor will urge him to do so, preferably in writing, if it is too late to do so in a press conference.
Early's role seems to be that of confessor for the various minor characters who end up, inexplicably, coming to his house at odd hours to drink tea and tell him their own life stories.
By taking the name of a hallowed martyr or confessor, early Christians invoked the protection of that patron.