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The Supreme Court also referred the letter of Bar Confidant and Deputy Clerk of Court Maria Cristina Layusa to the Procurement Planning Committee to take appropriate action on the purchase of digital duplicators and collating machines.
There has been speculation that Zardari might also announce the date for the next general election at tomorrow's event but the confidant said no final decision had been made
It was one of these officers, a former student of the school and a confidant of many on the faculty and numerous students, who headed off trouble.
Mr Burrell, 42, who was Diana's friend and confidant for more than 10 years, was in the house with his wife and two sons.
Shirer, Murrow's original hire, and ultimately his closest confidant and alter ego; the master writer Eric Sevareid; the flamboyant Charles Collingwood; the intrepid Larry Leseur; and Mary Marvin Breckenridge, the sole woman to penetrate the inner circle of Murrow's macho male fiefdom.
MANILA -- The Supreme Court has approved the negotiation between its Office of the Bar Confidant (OBC) and the University of Santo Tomas (UST) to use the latter's campus again as the venue for the 2014 Bar examination.
The kids' one confidant is Chloe's psychiatrist, who approves of their journey as a desperate attempt to save the girl from giving up entirely on what has been a difficult, crippling life.
Singleton's characters--a confidant, a raging enemy, a Goth girl, a quirky grandmother, a mysterious roommate, and a delicious love interest--share in Sabine's treacherous quest, adding several intricate layers of subplot.
I am excited to begin the process and I am confidant that this request for proposals will attract responses from many talented and innovative design teams.
In a one-page resolution released Thursday, the high court has referred to the Committee on Bar examinations the recommendation made by the Office of the Bar Confidant.
Her new Mai confidant, Kim, is desperately trying to fit in with her human friends and, finally, Chloe's adoptive morn is still trying to wrap her brain around the fact that her daughter has claws and supernatural powers.
Tom "Doc" O'Connor, another confidant, told ABC news that Matt "was HIV-positive and considering suicide.