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The Confidantes rich history steeped in Miami Beachs golden era will do just that, said Maryam Banikarim, global chief marketing officer for Hyatt.
au, the NIS briefing revealed that Jang was 'recently ousted from his position and two of his close confidantes, Ri Yong-Ha and Jang Soo-Kil, were publicly executed in mid-November', lawmaker Jung Cheong-Rae said.
In an extraordinary admission over the weekend one of the PM's most senior confidantes said it did not matter when Mr Blair quits but whether a successor who can challenge Mr Brown can be found in time.
As a rule, CEOs can't choose confidantes from among their underlings, even high-ranking colleagues such as the CFO or COO.
Moreover, open and honest talk with such confidantes also can help reduce stress.