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I wish it, that I may the better deserve your confidence, and have no secret from you.
I believe you, monsieur, I believe you; and as I was about to say, by the word of Bonacieux, I have confidence in you.
Your confidence does me honor," said Planchet: "but supposing you should not return?
All accidents which have as yet happened there arose from too much confidence in the Indians.
All his sanguine expectations, all his confidence had been justified.
I have told your ladyship that I should be placed in a very disagreeable situation if any complaint was made, and all is in strict confidence.
My loss of confidence in myself in that line was permanent.
With what respect and what confidence the latter received all his decisions
This last man was not on good terms with his fellows, and had less of the doctor's confidence than any of the rest of us.
After all that you have told me," I said, "I will not ask you to admit me any further into your confidence until we meet again.
Show me you have confidence in the mutton; please eat.
She contrasted his generous confidence in her (the confidence of which she was unworthy) with her ungracious distrust of him.