confidence trick

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Car buyers in Swansea, Cardiff, Port Talbot and Bridgend are being warned of a new confidence trick which has left some people pounds 25,000 out of pocket.
Midland businesses are being warned against falling for a multi-national confidence trick which may have cost the local economy millions of pounds.
Other theories being looked at is that they were abducted and Tony was forced to withdraw pounds 18,000 from his bank because of threats, or the couple fell victims to a deadly confidence trick.
The extent to which this confidence trick has been applied can be judged by the fact that the man at the centre of that sickening stage performance was not just any sad old queen.
Sir, - As a council tenant under Bromsgrove District, I am delighted to see the emphatic rejection of the horrible confidence trick which would have been the transfer of the housing stock in Birmingham.
If ever there was a case of a confidence trick being foisted upon the public then the plan for regional assemblies is that confidence trick.
The suggestion that saving of CO2-emission will alter climate is based on exactly the same innumeracy which underlies this whole confidence trick of ``green'' electricity supply to a publicly financed body.
Far be it from me to state that this is a confidence trick but when I received a similar leaflet it went straight in the bin.
More than 78,000 '419' letters were received in London alone over three years and the multi-national confidence trick is thought to be costing Britain up to pounds 150 million a year.
We have a combination now of being taken in for what's little better than a confidence trick, primarily in order to help the Government to save face and I think they will be found out.
The confidence trick fooled 28 clubs into sending items including a signed picture from Liverpool's Michael Owen.
I blame equally all paramilitaries for their confidence trick, carrying on with their own cynical versions of peace - a peace, which has seen attacks on all sides of our community.