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Seventy-two percent of Democrats, compared with 46% of independents and 31% of Republicans, are confident that enough sources exist for people to discern the facts.
Mities property management business has been awarded the Disability Confident employer accreditation.
Results of the survey showed that 65 percent of the staff felt very confident or confident with their own oral hygiene care (Table I).
TEHRAN (FNA)- When it comes to confidence, one thing is certain: truly confident people always have the upper hand over the doubtful and the skittish because they inspire others and they make things happen.
Anew AP-GfK poll shows a mere 3 percent of the American public is strongly confident that Iran will abide by any nuclear agreement it reaches with the Big Six while 69 percent expect Iran to violate any agreement.
THE vast majority of people with debts such as personal loans, credit cards and overdrafts are feeling confident about their ability to repay what they owe, a report has found.
Becoming confident takes practice, calculated risk-taking and changes in the way you think, say management book authors Katty Kay, Claire Shipman and Jen Sincero.
A report released by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence and the TIAA-CREF Institute finds that only 18% of full-time public sector workers are very confident about their retirement income prospects, down from 21% in 2012.
Just 18 percent of full-time public-sector workers are very confident about their retirement income prospects, down from 21 percent in 2012.
MEN, INDIVIDUALS AGE 51 OR OLDER and those with an income over $75,000 are more confident about retirement according to a recent survey conducted by the companies of OneAmerica.
When you go to a new club and city it takes time to settle but I am definitely confident the goals will come.
PEOPLE in Wales are no more confident about spending their money than they were six months ago, an exclusive Beaufort Research poll for the Western Mail reveals today.