confident expectation

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In case of ill conduct they were liable to forfeit their wages and be dismissed; but, should they acquit themselves well, the confident expectation was held out to them of promotion, and partnership.
Cluppins having once broken the ice, thought it a favourable opportunity for entering into a short dissertation on her own domestic affairs; so she straightway proceeded to inform the court that she was the mother of eight children at that present speaking, and that she entertained confident expectations of presenting Mr.
I had confident expectations that things would come round and be all square," says Mr.
There had been a confident expectation that this game, against old rivals, would add to that roll of honour.
To most people, hope is simply wishful thinking; however, to chaplains, hope is a confident expectation based on faith.
In the case of the split with the aga Khan, those of us who are in the habit of counting two and two in confident expectation that the answer will always be four have had no difficulty coming up with an explanation based on circumstantial evidence.
I waited in confident expectation that we would hit back.
Our confident expectation is that since the two businesses naturally complement each other, together they will create around 30 new job opportunities over time," he said.
Trust, as we define it, is synonymous with reliability and confidence, or confident expectation.
Overall, we are seeing more serious buyers enter the market," said Gary Posylkin, a salesperson at Miron Properties, adding that purchasers now have "a confident expectation to see gains in [property values in] the mid- to long term.
I can not be alone in feeling delighted with the announcement that we are on the threshold of major opportunities in offshore wind power generation, with announcements this week of tender opportunities and a confident expectation that a further 25GW of capacity can be added to the existing 8GW making a major contribution to carbon reduction and security of supplies.
Two wins in the next three days will allow the Trafalgar Road committee to begin their deliberations in the confident expectation that S&B will be playing Premier League cricket.