confidential information

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And the injunction was rejected as well, because Ms de Crean had already given Caterpillar an undertaking not to release any confidential information and the judges said this was sufficient, looking at her good conduct record.
These steps won't guarantee that you will never lose important confidential information to departing employees, but consideration of the problem and implementation of controls will certainly make it much harder for a departing employee to do what so many other departing employees are doing in this struggling economy.
There is considerable disagreement on whether providing confidential information to prosecutors in exchange for leniency amounts to a waiver of the privilege and thus entitles private adversaries to the same information.
Reading, editing, saving, printing, copying and pasting, screen shot permission can be combined flexibly, and confidential information can be protected from unauthorized users or usage.
Pursuit of departing employees with access to confidential information.
If an attorney and his or her agents do not want an adversary to use confidential information, they must safeguard it sufficiently.
The examples could continue but the only universal answer is that, in making decisions about whether the level of danger exhibited warrants sharing confidential information, school counselors need to know their state laws and the policies in the school jurisdiction.
The NPRM requires covered entities to develop policies governing the use and disclosure of confidential information and to disseminate these to patients.
The level of detailed information required by the Internal Revenue Code is at once daunting and extraordinarily sensitive, and the willingness of taxpayers to disclose confidential information is largely attributable to assurances that their privacy interests will be safeguarded by the government.
First, I am concerned that a highly detailed accounting of FOMC deliberations, unless its release were delayed several years, would impair the ability of the FOMC to obtain and discuss confidential information on individual companies and foreign central banks - information that is essential to conducting monetary policy.

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