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Later on, at 164-65 he continues: "The confider has not deliberately communicated any information to the spy, so how can it be said that the spy is abusing a confidence?
From roughly 1975 to the present on the personal data protection side of the protection of information, Canada has allocated control over data in certain circumstances to two different sets of players: the confider of any secrets, on the confidential information side, and the subject of information, on the personal data protection side of the allocation of legal control over secrets.
where I was the priest and Kathy the intimate confider.
Confider just one example, the much-analyzed simple Harris-Todaro model which postulates equal average labour income in urban and rural areas in equilibrium.
As a private foldier you fhould confider all your officers as your natural enemies, with whom you are in a perpetual Rate of warfare; you fhould reflect that they are conftantly endeavouring to withhold from you your juft dues, and to impofe on you every unnefceffary hardfhip .