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Bernard Rime, the researcher who, with colleagues, discovered the surprisingly high rate of confiding of our emotions to others, also found that such confiding does nothing to diminish the emotion's intensity.
Garrett Adams, forensic scientist at the scene, suspects foul play but dies suddenly of a heart attack after confiding this to Hannah.
True stories of the lives of courageous women, whether determinedly standing their ground or secretly confiding their weaknesses, assemble a composite picture of both the hardship and the joy of daily frontier life.
The banality of the situation cut me out of my confiding happiness.
He also continues to insist that the key lesson of Rwanda is not the foolishness of confiding in the UN, but the need to give the world body more power.
The dancers' confiding, shyly eager-to-please style calls for close-range viewing.
Initially we were going to give them money but we ended up not giving them any and just forgave them the arrears," West said, confiding it was questionable as to how much the A&P owed, since A&P also claimed they wanted certain improvements.
You don't want him to stop confiding in you either.