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Continuous improvement is another sub-function under planning and management, as is the responsibility for writing, maintaining, and following the configuration management plan.
The ultimate goal in creating a CAD tool for die configuration is to construct a program that incorporates these guidelines to accomplish the configuration task automatically.
Guy Lafayette, Atmel's Director of Programmable Logic Marketing explained, "All SRAM-based FPGAs require external memory to store the FPGA configuration bit stream.
The client configuration agent displays critical error and informational messages on the screen while it is running, regardless of the mode.
The potential energy depends on the configuration of the atoms, because it depends on the forces, the interaction between atoms.
With the higher density devices, designers can program multiple designs into a single PROM, allowing one PROM to support multiple FPGAs in a daisy-chain configuration, thereby reducing part count and component costs.
By giving network administrators a single point of configuration control, ConfigSENTRY prevents many configuration-related network problems while generating significant operational cost savings.

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