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To answer the two research questions guiding this study, a configurative thematic synthesis (Thomas, Harden, & Newman, 2012) of the literature was conducted.
Bodily based emotions can have an important hermeneutic function, emotions and cognition operate by analogous configurative processes, and reason and feeling are linked by their participation in the hermeneutic circle as embodied processes of cognition (perceiving and processing are integral aspects of the same operation of making sense of the world).
5) As such, digital game theorists have described the choice-laden encounter with the digital game as a configurative performance.
Utilizing a versatile, configurative integration architecture for rapid implementation, superior scalability, low total cost of ownership, and high ROI better ensures success.
Although, as I have suggested, the configurative activities of the reader will ultimately include the construction of a single time line of some sort from October to September, this can only be achieved after the shorter time lines have been constituted, and it is they which serve as the primary reference frames against which to set anachronies in the dynamics of reading.
My method is what Sidney Verba called "disciplined" configurative inquiry, quoted in Peter A.
Well over a quarter century ago, Arthur Bestor wrote an influential essay on the configurative role of the Constitution in American law-making and public life.
The author does, however, engage with McDougal's "policy-oriented and configurative approach" towards the interpretation of treaties (at p.
Some companies can offer the parallel download from multiple configurative servers.
Resources and capabilities become distributed and cannot be thought of in terms of `internal' organizational assets, but rather as interrelated and cooperated configurative capabilities.
This test, if it can be called such, is configurative, or one of plausibility.