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On the other hand, comparing the themes elicited from the music metaphors and the confirmative sensory images, it was noted that more than 90% had been covered.
While this confirmative answer may arise from the condition that Taiwan has raised the level of its technology to a certain level, whether the positive effects of strengthening IPR apply for less developed countries is worth further exploring.
What remains unspoken is what the night watchman so obviously needs--the confirmative view offered by an X-ray, a view that could penetrate outward appearances to reveal the invisible truth of the old man's heart condition.
Therefore, our meta-analytical approach is more explorative than confirmative with respect to country of origin.
To each of these questions the sitter provides minimal confirmative responses.
The Trace test is more confirmative and the null that there is no cointegrating vector is rejected at the 95% level.
The phase IIB clinical trials will include patients with advanced breast cancer and will be conducted as a series of randomised, placebo-controlled, double blind tests - the so-called confirmative trials.
They engaged in reductive confirmative tasks and household chores that prepared them for regimented occupations.
The tests for differences in sensitivities and specificities at the chosen cutpoints are descriptive and should not be interpreted as confirmative tests.
In certain cases, confirmative studies in animals may still be necessary.
We used real-time RT-PCR analysis as a confirmative method for the genes determined to be differentially expressed by microarray analysis and performed the analysis for selected genes in both cell types.
Curtin and associates at NYU consider conservative therapy if a confirmative dilatation and curettage hysteroscopy performed under general anesthesia points to early-stage, low-grade disease without evidence of stromal, papillary serous, or clear cell carcinoma.