confiscated goods

See: contraband
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VAR of civil municipal policemen bringing the confiscated goods
The purpose of the procurement is to satisfy Customs~ needs disposal service concerning confiscated goods.
Specialised teams from CCCP have been conducting regular campaigns and random inspections at warehouses in the city, imposing penalties on violators and destroying confiscated goods.
The estimated value of the confiscated goods is Dh75 million which makes it the largest seizure of its kind in Dubai.
According to PRO, TMA, Rawal Town, the staff concerned under the supervision of Town Municipal Officer (TMO) Mir Akmal, Town Officer Regulation (TOR) Malik Toseef Ahmed and Superintendent Pervaiz Mughal conducted raids at several markets and roads including Murree Road, Bara Bazaar, Saidpur Road, Sadiqabad and other adjoining roads and confiscated goods of 63 encroachers while fines were also imposed on those found indulged in encroachments.
Almost three items of confiscated goods were remanded back from auction at the nick of auction due to legal stay order from court against the auction of their goods.
The civic agencies normally do not lodge FIRs against the encroachers and often return them their confiscated goods.
ALERT CUSTOMS: Saudi Customs confiscated goods worth SR987,850 between Aug.
The confiscated goods will be destroyed while those stored for re-export will be sent back to their country of origin.
During his visit to the Port of Rades, the PM voiced concern about the poor storage conditions of confiscated goods which could have a negative impact on the port's activities and give a false image of the quality of services offered and efforts exerted to encourage trade exchanges.
At the same time, the special funds may not include funds received as compensation for damage or proceeds from the sale of confiscated goods.
The confiscated goods had a value of about $84,000, officials said.