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A settlement of a dispute or controversy by setting up an independent person between two contending parties in order to aid them in the settlement of their disagreement.

In International Law, mediation is the friendly interference of one state in the controversies of nations. It is recognized as a proper action to promote peace among nations.

The individual who intervenes in order to help the other parties settle their dispute is called a mediator.


Alternative Dispute Resolution.


n. the attempt to settle a legal dispute through active participation of a third party (mediator) who works to find points of agreement and make those in conflict agree on a fair result. Mediation differs from arbitration in which the third party (arbitrator) acts much like a judge but in an out-of-court less formal setting but does not actively participate in the discussion. Mediation has become very common in trying to resolve domestic relations disputes (divorce, child custody, visitation), and is often ordered by the judge in such cases. Mediation also has become more frequent in contract and civil damage cases. There are professional mediators, or lawyers who do some mediation for substantial fees, but the financial cost is less than fighting the matter out in court and may achieve early settlement and an end to anxiety. However, mediation does not always result in a settlement. (See: arbitration)


noun adjustment, adjustment of difficullies, arbitration, conciliation, finding a middle course, interference, intervention, intervention to facilitate a compromise, negotiation, negotiation process, parley, settlement of difficulties, settlement of dispute
Associated concepts: fact finding, mediation board
See also: collective bargaining, conciliation, intercession, mollification, negotiation, reconciliation


a form of alternative dispute resolution, whereby parties attempt to resolve their differences without going to court. Some court systems utilize voluntary or compulsory mediation, especially in family matters. Mediators are trained in the necessary skills and some are lawyers and some are not. Often the result of a mediation will be encapsulated in legal form to prevent the deal being unstitched. It is used in disputes as varied as child custody and international disputes.

MEDIATION. The act of some mutual friend of two contending parties, who brings them to agree, compromise or settle their disputes. Vattel, Droit des Gens, liv. 2, eh. 18, Sec. 328.

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In addition to formal diplomatic skills and resources, a wealth of Canadian civil society expertise on conflict mediation could be enlisted in track two diplomacy and grassroots peacebuilding to support formal conflict mediation efforts.
Students applied what they learned by conducting real-world conflict mediations in their communities.
Glover has also earned a certificate in conflict mediation from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and is pursuing a doctorate in leadership studies at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway.
America performs an irreplaceable role in ensuring collective security and providing other global public goods, such as a reserve currency and conflict mediation.
For the majority, medical care and conflict mediation were more important than economic support, yet there were no government initiatives to address reproductive health problems resulting from sexual violence and physical trauma which occurred during their captivity.
She has been involved in conflict mediation since 1994 and founded the Israeli-Palestinian Media Forum in Jerusalem.
The webcast will also feature a public-private partnership case study that will address the critical elements of a public-private partnership contract and the components necessary to ensure transparency, accountability and conflict mediation.
The Indonesian government has put considerable effort into reducing sectarian tensions by investing funds in conflict mediation programs and interfaith economic development.
The Oslo forum is widely acknowledged as the leading international network of armed conflict mediation practitioners.
Joseph University (USJ) in Beirut, whose role is equivalent to that of an "academic ombudsman" but which also operates as a private centre any citizen can go to for conflict mediation, grapples with the problems at hand.
Nonetheless, the result is a wonderful introduction to how insight theory can contribute to conflict mediation, an introduction best suited for graduate students and scholars who can more readily pursue the theory's implications for a broader field of conflict resolution.
It works with Kidsports and the YMCA to help children, coaches, referees, parents and fans understand healthy competition; with high schools to develop peer educator programs; and with the UO to hold classes on sports conflict mediation.

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